Synovia Bariatric Trainer

Bariatric Division

Our bariatric program focuses on small group training for those individuals looking for high quality training, knowledge and service wrapped up in a judge free, positive environment. Classes hold a maximum of 15 participants which allows for individualized attention coupled with the support of fun classmates.

“What makes you different? You’re a gym right?”

NO. Synovia’s bariatric fitness branch is focused only on those who have had, will have or in the process of having bariatric surgery. This allows each person to have access to not just a gym, but an entire support system you need for success.

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The Synovia Four Stage Process

Stage 1:

This crucial stage is designed to get you quickly acclimated to a high intensity training regimen at an optimal pace while not sacrificing results.

Stage 2:

Now you’ve had a taste of the process and ready for more. Stage 2 will continue to build a solid foundation of strength, endurance, balance and agility while increasing exercise intensity.

Stage 3:

This is where the true test begins. You’ve made it through stages 1 and 2 and you’re feeling GREAT right? Could it get any better? YES! In stage 3 the focus is on challenging your newly made foundation to get you even more results. You’re pushed, you’re challenged, you’re becoming a lean mean fitness machine!

Stage 4:

Alright, the last and final stage. You have seen the task through, you have (almost) finished the race….. and it gets better. All of your new skills, newfound strength and coordination are honed to a razor edge in this stage. Here you will reach the pinnacle of your fitness goals. And the best part? You are surrounded by your Synovia family to take the journey all the way to the finish.

Synovia Fitness Class

Bariatric Wellness- Synovia Circle

Our goal at Synovia is to continually challenge you as and individual while providing the best support system possible. We do this with our Synovia Circle Program. Synovia Circle is seamlessly integrated into each class providing an easy way for you to further connect with classmates outside of your fitness u training. We believe real, long lasting change can happen with support, love, acceptance and developing a core “circle” you can always depend on.

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You Are Invited!

We invite you to come experience all that Synovia has to offer at any of our weekend classes. Your first class is free and feel free to bring a buddy!

Everything Sounds great, but what can I expect with Synovia?

You asked and we are excited to answer! You receive:

  • 12 Weeks of small group classes
  • Access to the Synovia GroupMe for daily support from your classmates
  • Weekly “homework assignments” to continue with your improvements outside of class
  • Daily motivation from trainers and group members
  • Weekly meal ideas to keep you on track and the diet fresh
  • Bi- weekly Synovia Circle small group meetings
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